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"This new guide provides all the information you need"

I loved this book. It is a quick and efficient way to get started on your way to a new career. Don't waste time reading books like "What colour is your parachute?" which is just too long and contains information and approaches that I have found outdated. This new guide provides all the information you need and brings you on the right track. It is very succinct and to the point. It certainly gave me a nudge in the right direction. - written by Reviewcat (on amazon.co.uk)

I've read several career management books, and have found most of them incredibly hard work, not helped by the fact they're dull to read and draw on very outdated examples. For me, this book really stands out as it successfully combines inspiring real life case studies with useful exercises to start proatively managing your career. The authors speak from a position of authority, yet show real empathy, and have in depth knowledge of what works and what doesn't. It's an engaging and useful book which I'll no doubt refer to again in the future. - written by Judith Doherty (on amazon.co.uk)

"Lots of helpful advice, clear steps to progress and the case studies are really useful"

Really well written, and perfect for if you just need that extra push to improve your career. Lots of helpful advice, clear steps to progress and the case studies are really useful. - written by C Robertson (on amazon.co.uk)

I am being made redundant in a couple of months and was recommended this book by a person who came to our firm to take us through "Dealing with internal change". I borrowed the book from the library and was so impressed that I went straight to Amazon to buy my own copy (and now half my soon-to-be-redundant colleagues have followed me).Many of these types of book are written in America and, while those are very good, I find the differences between American and English ways of doing things mean those books don't work for me. This one, however, is UK written and very easy to follow. The advice is completely logical and the case studies are very much 'real' people with whom I can identify.Anyone in my position or simply looking to change career direction could do a lot worse than trying this book. I am recommending it to lots of people. - written by Page 57 (on amazon.co.uk)

"It gives you confidence that anything is possible with a bit of commitment and effort"

This is an excellent, very readable guide. It is something you can dip in and out of to find tools and advice to guide you on your journey. I particularly like all the case studies because there is probably an experience shared by one of the studies that will be similar to yours. It gives you confidence that anything is possible with a bit of commitment and effort. - written by Peter (on amazon.co.uk)

The Authors

Jane Barrett

A career changer herself, Jane relocated her business from London in 2003 and is now based in the picturesque spa town of Harrogate, in the heart of the UK's Yorkshire Dales. From here she runs The Career Farm, a leading independent provider of careers services and information products to UK and European Business Schools. In addition to working with MBA students across the world The Career Farm also delivers executive coaching and development programmes for 'high potential talent' within UK and international corporations.

Jane met her co-author, Camilla Arnold, while they both worked at Norman Broadbent and they have since worked together on a huge range of projects - providing proven and successful careers guidance to thousands of individuals from the UK, Europe, Asia and North America. "If not now, when? How to take charge of your career" brings together the very best of their collective experience, and supplements their advice with honest and inspiring stories to help keep the reader on track.

Camilla Arnold

Camilla has been an executive and specialist career coach for the past 12 years working with a wide range of clients from CEOs and high potential executives through to recent graduates and entrepreneurs with a focus on career development, transitions into new roles and behaviour change.

She is Global Head of Coaching for TXG Ltd, one of the world's leading talent development consultancies, sourcing and matching the best executive coaches for blue chip clients around the world. She was previously Operations Director for a leading search firm and includes in her portfolio career a private coaching business.

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  • "Your recent Career Farm webinars have really inspired me to take the steps to transition into the Sustainability sector." 2015 MBA Graduate
  • Newbanq"Thanks for your lecture, it was really inspiring" David Garcia, CTO Newbanq, Exec MBA IESE
  • Odai NemriThe MBA Maximiser provided me with a clear documented roadmap that will help me in tracking and achieving both short and long term career goals” Odai Nemri, Management Consultant, Hay Group
  • Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.41.31 "The audio on MBA Maximiser gets really specific, with very precise advice that I can really put to work immediately. Thank you for producing and sharing it!"  Bozhidar Draganov, MBA student, Emlyon 2014
  • microsoft"This is really important work - both as an HR professional and as a client - I see that. Having passion around your work and getting what you want out of work / life balance is vital." -Sara Graham, HR Manager, Microsoft Corporation.
  • Prudential Logo"I have found Jane to be very client centric with a strong ability to blend concept with pragmatism. I would highly recommend Jane and look forward to working with her in the future" - Ajay Bakshi, Head of Talent, Prudential Plc UK
  • IESE Logo"By taking you through systematically through the whole career change process, the book will not only help you overcome any anxiety you may have in the face of change but provide a solid framework for taking sound career management decisions." - Rosie Innes, Associate Director, MBA Career Services
  • "I am loving your book. As an avid reader of these "types" of books, I can honestly say this is one of the best. Plus, I love the British spin...keeps things interesting for me, an American." - Dylan O'Connor
  • Vlerick Business School"The competency based interview days are a very useful investment for two reasons: 1. Students gain practical experience in interviewing for real jobs. 2. Students receive valuable feedback to help them refine their interviewing skills. The Career Farm trainers are dedicated professionals who are fantastic to work with from both a participant and organiser point of view." - Yolanda Habets, MBA Programme Manager
  • mannheim-business-schoolMannheim Business School rated the content of the workshop 'How to do well at competency based assessment centers'  4.82 out of 5
  • Mingzhi YuSocial Media Workshop - IESE "It was really good.  In fact I started to improve my LinkedIn profile straightaway." - Mingzhi Yu, IESE 2016 MBA Candidate
  • IESE LogoIESE Business School rated our 'Mock Interview Sessions' 4.5 out of 5

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