Competency based interview training

Our Competency Based Interview Training Course provides you with in-depth video training to prepare you for success at Competency Based Interviews.

"The number one reason candidates do not perform to their best ability in interview situations is lack of proper preparation."

Candidates called to interview usually have the experience and the skills needed for a role, however without proper preparation they are unlikely to do themselves justice on the day.

Our Competency Based Interview Training, plus the accompanying Competencies Guide, is the secret weapon you require to maximise your chance of success at this type of interview.

About the Presenter

Lizzie BirdThe course is presented by Elizabeth Bird, who has unparalleled experience as an MBA recruiter and interviewer.

For over 16 years Elizabeth has successfully coached MBA students at top business schools on how to prepare for competency based interviews, drawing on her own experience as an MBA recruiter in the finance, energy and consulting sectors.

Elizabeth also works with HR departments, designing their recruitment processes and training staff to be effective interviewers. Her unique blend of experience enables her to bring a treasure-trove of "insider knowledge" to the course.


Captions (English subtitles) are available for all of the videos. You can switch these on by clicking on the "CC" button in the bottom right hand corner of each video and selecting "English CC".

Training Course

1. Welcome (3:10)

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2. The role of the interviewer (2:18)

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3. The criteria interviewers use to assess you (2:12)

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4. Using the STARR method and an example interview (11:22)

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Click to download template for STARR answer (Word version)

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5. How an interviewer assesses your answers (5:42)

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6. The biggest mistakes at interview and how to avoid them (3:04)

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7. Preparing for a successful interview (7:04)

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Competencies Guide

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