IESE Competency Based Interview Training

Our Competency Based Interview Training Course provides you with in-depth video training to prepare you for success at Competency Based Interviews.

"The number one reason candidates do not perform to their best ability in interview situations is lack of proper preparation."

Candidates called to interview usually have the experience and the skills needed for a role, however without proper preparation they are unlikely to do themselves justice on the day.

Our Competency Based Interview Training, plus the accompanying Competencies Guide, is the secret weapon you require to maximise your chance of success at this type of interview.

About the Presenter

Lizzie BirdThe course is presented by Elizabeth Bird, who has unparalleled experience as an MBA recruiter and interviewer. For over 16 years Elizabeth has successfully coached MBA students at top business schools on how to prepare for competency based interviews, drawing on her own experience as an MBA recruiter for organisations such as Shell and Arthur D Little.

Elizabeth is also in demand from HR departments as an in-house trainer for their interviewers, enabling her to bring this treasure-trove of "insider knowledge" to the course.

Course Content

  • 35 minutes in total
  • Can either be viewed as a single video or six individual videos of 2 - 12 minutes in length
  • Allows you full flexibility to access key topics as and when required to support your job application activities

Paperback coverIn addition to the video training course, you will have access to our detailed Competencies Guide - a downloadable PDF listing the key competencies required by recruiters, and guidelines on how to structure an answer for each one.

The combination of the Video Training Course and the Competencies Guide will equip you to fully prepare for this type of interview, significantly increasing your chances of success.

Training Course

1. Introduction (2 mins)

Elizabeth explains the purpose of the video series - followed by an explanation of the role of the recruiter.

2. Criteria and Tools (6 mins)

Elizabeth explains different types of criteria and methodologies used to make assessments of candidates.  Recruitment is very much a risk limitation exercise.

3. The STARR Method and Example Interview (12 mins)

The 'S-T-A-R-R' strategy for answering questions is explained by Elizabeth.  She interviews a candidate about the decision-making competency.  The interview shows the STARR process in action and highlights the type of impression candidates should be aiming to convey.

4. How Assessments Are Made (6 mins)

Elizabeth explains how assessors evaluate answers based upon pre-defined indicators for different competencies.  Different companies have different cultures hence their indicators will be slightly different to reflect this.

5. Why Interviews Go Wrong (2 mins)

Elizabeth highlights where things go wrong.

6. Preparing For Interview (7 mins)

Tips on how to prepare for behavioural competency interviews.

View Full Competency Based Interview Training Video (35 mins)

Paperback coverDownload our Competencies Guide HERE

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