Webinar Recordings

How to Create a Strong Business Pitch - 17th April 2019


How to Be a Productivity Ninja - 10th April 2019


How to Bring Your Data Alive - 12th March 2019


Successful Management in Turbulent Times - 14th November 2018


The 2-Hour Job Search - 11th June 2018


Build Your Personal Brand - 6th March 2018

Telling Tales: Why Stories Sell Better Than Facts - 13th February 2018

Performing Under Pressure:  Nurturing a Resilient Mind-Set - 14th November 2017

How to use Career Maximiser - 25th April 2017

How to be an Effective Negotiator in Business - 28th March 2017

Talking Toolbox: how to be more engaging when speaking for business - 1st March 2017

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