Get clear on your career target post MBA

MBA Maximiser is an online career assessment course that will enable you to identify your ideal career and build a roadmap to achieving it. With 10 audio modules, supported by fully interactive exercises, the course is designed for you to work through at your own pace.

  • Listen to the audio modules online, or download and listen while you’re on the move.
  • Complete the exercises online. Save progress as you go, giving you the flexibility to fit everything into your busy schedule.
  • Conduct your research, supported by our career resources library.
  • Download your results into a PDF report to give you your personalized career plan.

The knowledge you gain through completing the course will also help you to get the most out of your MBA while you’re studying. Having a clearly defined career plan will give you greater confidence to:

  • Identify the right electives to take to help achieve your career goals
  • Decide on which clubs and societies to join (or set up)
  • Efficiently target your networking activity during your MBA
  • Plan how your project or internship can help you meet your career goals
  • Present your key attributes with clarity in early applications to employers


 10 interactive modules to complete at your own pace

The importance of a career strategy

Module 1 explores the value of having a career strategy, and why this essential if you’re to achieve the level of success you expect following your MBA investment.

Learn what drives you

In Modules 2,3 & 4 you’ll start the process of identifying your key skills, values and interests. Each module is supported by an online exercise that provides step-by-step guidance on how to identify and prioritise this vital information; allowing you to consistently evaluate career options against your unique criteria.

The right environment

Module 5 explores the type of work environment you prefer, and what attributes you need in a manager and colleagues to help you take your career to the next level.

Establishing your long-term goal

Whilst you’re completing your MBA you’ll be engaged in one of the most intense years of your life. In these circumstances it can be difficult to look beyond the end of the course itself, however it’s important to have a vision of your long-term goals in order to ensure your career choices keep you on a path to achieving them. In Module 6, you’ll work on visualizing and defining your long-term goals, and armed with this information you’ll be able to make important strategic decisions throughout your MBA year.

Evaluating options

When it comes to pursuing your ideal career and long-term goals, there is usually more than one path you can follow. In Module 7 we’ll introduce you to the Career Farm “Matrix”, a tool designed to pull together all of the criteria you’ve identified in earlier modules. The Matrix will give you a powerful structure for evaluating the different career options you may be considering. This is where you will start to define your career strategy and identify the information you’ll need to find out to build your target list of companies.

Research, research, research

Modules 8 & 9 focus on the three different areas of career research, why each one is important, and how each helps you focus down on what you need to find out. The modules also include advice on how to get meetings with contacts for research, a sample script to use, and suggestions on how to use your MBA project or internship in a strategic way to further your career.

Refining your strategy and avoiding common mistakes

Finally in Module 10 you’ll decide which of the four methods of getting interviews is most appropriate to you. You’ll also learn the common mistakes to avoid during the interview process; drawn from our many years of experience working with MBA students and senior management teams.

LIMITED PERIOD -  CV Clinic with Jane Barrett

A half-hour one-to-one CV clinic with Jane Barrett, Head of Coaching at The Career Farm. Use your results from the course and Jane’s exceptional experience to create a laser-targeted CV that your next employer will love.

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Gain access to valuable career resources

When you join the MBA Maximiser course you not only receive all 10 audio modules and the associated exercises, you’ll also unlock a range of valuable resources. These include our regularly updated library of careers resources, hand picked by the Career Farm team, and exclusive access to our moderated forums where you can put your queries to our experienced career coaches.

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What our clients tell us...


I found that your online course and the exercises you have prepared were really helpful to me. They allowed me to better understand what my capacities, values and goals are, and from here, to build a better understanding of where I want to be in 5, 10 and 20 years’ time and which steps I need to take to make that possible. Thank you very much.

Mireya Garcia-Duran Huet
Executive MBA, IESE


Based on my experience of working on career coaching topics with Warwick MBA students I’d say the site has everything they are likely to need in order to find the right career and get the interview and job. The videos which I thought bought things to life.

The quality of materials is excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending the formats and information on the site.

Warwick Business School MBA Career Coach, Tony Goddard

Hull Business School

The Maximiser was fun, interesting and informative.

Steve Withill, Managing Director
Construction Firm


The content is well thought through and well structured into bite-sized chunks, with a logical progression.

Gary Lloyd, Founder of

‘The entire process was enlightening but I especially liked the exercise where we ranked our top skills.’

‘Very helpful – a lot of fuzziness has been cleared’.

‘Even people who think they know what they want would really benefit from these exercises.’

Testimonials from University of Bath, School of Management Students

JMC copy

Before you start job hunting it is a must to know all this information to be specific and clear about what you can offer to an employer.

Josep Mª Crespi de los Reyes, Executive MBA, IESE Business School

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