In this episode I interviewed Stephen Prior of Forest Carbon UK, a firm dedicated to voluntary woodland creation in the UK, removing millions of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere and providing all the environmental benefits that go along with it.

Sustainability and the environment are topics everyone seems to be thinking about (at last).  However, Stephen’s firm has been at the forefront for years.  His former career, as a headmaster, was one way of making the world a better place but how did he make the change?  Is it a dream you share?  Here’s an overview of what you’ll need:

If this is an area you feel passionate about, you can transition into a career in sustainability. Stephen didn’t see changing from headmaster to Forest Carbon UK as a huge leap because he went from looking after a school, which he describes as very much like running a small business with heavily invested stakeholders, to running his own business in carbon capture. For Stephen, an MBA** at Durham University  provided a bridge.

When Stephen and his business partner first set up, the government had a very different view of carbon capture regulations than it has today. However, they didn’t give up.  Instead they dug in and successfully lobbied the Forestry Commission, eventually changing government policy. The result?  They became architects of the Woodland Carbon Code, the only standard of its kind in the UK.

Finally, a great way to build up your business is to prove you can do what you say you will do. The result is credibility for the brand making people believe in you.

**A side note about the MBA:
The MBA gave Stephen the confidence to speak articulately about financial matters, business operations and markets. It was especially useful in the early days. He moved easily from there to being an entrepreneur.

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What’s next for Forest Carbon UK? Here’s a hint—peat is the next big thing. To find out more, go to the website:                 or            find them on Twitter   @ForestCarbon_UK