Fiona Arnold is an expert career coach specialising in helping young people. She has advice for students at all stages starting from making the right choices at GCSE Level. (Some universities will be looking at your GCSE results)

Fiona shares loads of tips and links in the podcast but here are a few ideas to get us going:

  • If you are one of those lucky people who know (or think they know) what they want to do for a career, you’ll need to choose GCSE’s which will lead on to your chosen career and relevant A-Levels. (For example, if you want to study Veterinary Medicine, you’ll need to do chemistry at A-level.)
  • Maybe you’re not sure what you want to do as a career.  In that case, choose the GCSE subjects which you enjoy. Most people tend to be good at what they enjoy and this is a great default position.
  • Work experience is always worthwhile. Your work experience might be a paper round or serving Cappuccinos in the local café but all are good.  You’ll be learning transferrable skills. (And earning a little money isn’t a bad thing either!) Job shadow or volunteer.  Use any connections you have like family or friends to get experience.


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