Break it Down
Climate change can seem overwhelming  but one of the big changes you can make is in your career.  This month’s podcast with Rhian Sherrington explores how you can move into a career in sustainability even if your skills are not technical or science based.  Whatever your specialist area, you can make a difference.

Rhian is a successful author and career coach currently working with the women in sustainability network but more about that later. To start, Rhian has some ideas of where to begin if you’re thinking about making a career change and about making the world a better place.

Step 1
First, if you are miserable in your career, change it. Most humans are fairly uncomfortable with change so be prepared to get over that hurdle. Be open to where your journey may take you. If all the world’s a stage, take a good look at what’s waiting for you in the wings.

Step 2
Next, do the inner work, which means looking hard at those skills you can take forward into your new field. It helps you to recognise your career capital. The most successful career changers know exactly what they have to contribute and what areas they want to work in.

Step 3
Finally, remember that sustainability isn’t just for the technical among us. Soft skills are also very much in demand. For example, how will we motivate people to make the behavioural changes needed to combat climate change? It’s going to require good communicators in every area.

Have fun! Follow your interests and enjoy what you do.

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