The Career Farm podcast - What I look for when I recruit, Nicolas Buteau, Recuiter for Uber and

From Uber to, Nicolas Buteau is a recruiter and entrepreneur who thrives in dynamic environments as well as in more established business operations.

Recruiting for startups and unicorns

The Career Farm Podcast - what I looked for when I recruited for Uber and Booking -Nicolas ButeauIn this episode he shares his experiences recruiting for Uber during its transition from fast-growing start up to unicorn, and how he adapted his practices to the more established organisation at

A common theme throughout is the role played by MBAs, who’ve proven to be hugely important in both businesses. He has recruited many MBAs over the years and knows the value they can offer; often through their ability to make sense out of chaos.

As for MBA candidates, he believes they can be selective, sometimes even play hard-to-get; and if they’ve established a network to rely on spanning several different companies, there will be many advantages they can exploit.

Nicolas shares his insights and top tips about everything recruiter-related from LinkedIn profiles (If yours is perfect, there’s little need for a CV anymore) to Cover letters, CV layout, salary negotiations, and even career change.

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He also talks about his own entrepreneurial experiences, from publishing glossy travel magazines to his latest venture which he’s described as “Uber on Acid”, a bike-sharing company setting its sights on establishing locations around the world.

Having been in at the beginning with Uber and developed his own businesses, he has a wealth of experience in recruiting for fast growing technology driven companies, and generously shares that expertise.

Inspirational Quote

"A large chair does not make a king" Sudanese proverb.

It’s in line with Nicolas’s advice to MBAs to find humility and not focus too much on titles or the trappings of success— focus instead on getting things done.

Thanks again to Nicolas for coming on the podcast and being so generous in sharing his insights and experience.

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