Career Farm Podcast Episode 76 - What recruiters really care about - with Zena Everett author of Mind Flip

In this episode, I speak with Zena Everett, author of Mind Flip. Zena talks about becoming an author and shares some of the wisdom she’s gleaned from her years in recruitment, her Masters in Organisational Psychology and more recently, her coaching, which she boils down to helping people in their careers. Sounds simple, but we know it isn’t.

Recruiting Recruiters

In her early career as a recruiter of recruiters, Zena began to wonder exactly what it was which made the difference to career success. Why did some candidates and employees soar while others muddled along? She decided the answer can be summed up in a word: Marmite.

Zena’s advice is “Be Marmite, not vanilla”. Her experience shows that the best candidates, the “Marmite” candidates, are definite and specific about what they want and how their skills will add value. The good news is this means you don’t need to talk too much about yourself.

Instead, you need to be able to speak in factual terms about raw skills. This means dropping the generic leadership language like “I’m a great communicator” and instead seeing yourself from the company’s point of view, being able to say what your expertise can do for them.

It's not all about you

Zena sold her recruitment business to do her Masters and loves her current career helping people achieve their career goals. She focuses on function, facts and confidence, among other techniques, and has some tips on how to act with confidence whether you feel it or not.

The Career Farm Podcast Episode 76 - What Recruiters are REALLY thinking - with Zena Everett co-author of Mind Flip

There’s so much good advice in the podcast over all aspects of changing or developing your career but one of my favourites is Zena’s reminder that when it comes to careers, it’s not all about you!


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Zena's website


'The Four Hour Work Week' by Tim Ferriss

Thanks again to Zena for giving up her time to come on the podcast.

Quick Guide to UK Headhunters and Recruitment Agencies

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