The Career Farm podcast Episode 75 - Why job shadowing is a crucial step for your career change - Lucy Standing of Viewvo

Led by her love of psychology, Lucy Standing put her successful career as a head-hunter on hold to pursue her passion through a Master’s Degree.   Afterwards, she honed her skills further as a graduate recruiter for investment banks. It’s an expensive and time-consuming process and she realised that the traditional series of interviews didn’t always yield the best results.

Seeing that former interns had a higher success rate in terms of job matching and staying power, Lucy developed new processes at the bank which helped target candidates whose skills and abilities were best suited to the jobs they were applying for. For many, it was the first time they’d been given the chance to really understand the job they would be doing, and getting a feel for the job proved the key to success.

Viewvo - job shadowing for career change success

Lucy’s combination of her love of psychology and the recruitment process provided the insight which led her to set up her business, Viewvo, specialising in job shadowing and career change, an increasingly common occurrence, as Lucy observes:

This is going to be a massive issue. As we all age, we will all be changing careers several times.”

The Career Farm Podcast Episode 75 - Lucy Standing - Viewvo
from the Viewvo website

Lucy’s advice if you are looking for career change:

  • Think about what you really enjoy. Most of us have some ideas of what we do and don’t want to spend time doing by the time we’re thinking about a change.
  • Try it out for a day to get a real flavour for the job you think you’d like to work in.
  • Job shadowing could be the key to career change success. The job you’ve always dreamed of may not be what you thought it would be. Much better to find out before you make a big move.

Viewvo works with over 100 mentors and experts who offer their experience across a wide array of careers including interior design, brewing, hospitality, fashion and café ownership. You’re able to get an insider’s view and ask all the questions you need to find out if this is the job change for you.

Whether or not you end up living the dream, Lucy’s advice is to give it a try for a day.


If the human brain was simple enough to understand, we would be too simple to understand it



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'Thinking Fast & Slow', by Daniel Kahneman

'The Count of Monte Cristo', by Alexander Dumas

Thanks again to Lucy for giving up some of her holiday to join us on the podcast.

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