The Career Farm Podcast 62 - how well work live and learn in the future - David Price author of Open

David Price is a learning futurist who explores how digital technologies are impacting the ways we live and learn in the 21st century.  David has a portfolio career and is involved in lecturing, training and speaking. He works with companies to help them create a learning culture that will appeal to a younger generation who want to work for purpose driven organisations and continually develop themselves.

We discuss how there is a government led obsession with standardised testing in education and how we need to marry this with companies who want collaboration, critical thinking and creativity; how companies are trying to widen the hiring pool to find these skills; and how some organisations are not even hiring university graduates any more (and those that are, are requiring much more than a degree).

We look at the impact of automation and artificial intelligence as well as the trend towards the removal of the person in the middle e.g. record stores, book stores, taxi drivers; and how we'll need to adapt to be more entrepreneurial with multiple income streams. We consider the implications of the rise of the 'sharing economy' and where there may be opportunities in its implementation, when intellectual property is more 'open' and available to everyone.

In the interview we cover:

  • How we can develop the skills children need to thrive in the new world of work
  • New trends such as freelancing and portfolio careers
  • Strategically thinking about what kind of jobs might there be in the future, what will be in demand and what will be outsourced
  • The opportunities in the sharing economy.


Open, How we'll work, live and learn in the future, by David Price

Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk, Do Schools Kill Creativity

Twitter - @DavidPriceOBE

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Thanks again to David for giving us his time to be interviewed.

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