The Career Farm Podcast with Jane Barrett - Double your win rate for proposals and tenders

I admit it: completing tenders, especially when procurement are involved, is not my favourite activity!

If you're growing a business then it's likely you'll have to get involved in "tendering" for business at some point. There's definitely an art to it, and understanding the process could make or break your business in the early stages.

For the last big tender we had I employed a bid specialist to help, as I knew that without some outside input and accountability our tender would be done last minute and not reflect our best work.

Creating world class tenders

The Career Farm Podcast with Jane Barrett - How to double your win rate for proposals and bids - Scott Keyser
So when I came across Scott through one of our associate coaches, I leapt at the chance to interview him.

Scott has trained staff of 'The Economist' in writing skills for ten years and during his time at Ernst & Young (now EY) he helped them double their tender win-rate. Now he shows firms like PricewaterhouseCoopers, Allen & Overy and Linklaters how easy it is to write well and get a better return on their investment in the written word.

A career changer himself Scott (in his own words) blagged his way from account manager to copywriting, a profession from which he has never looked back.

We cover:

  • how to use language to connect with other people and get better results
  •  what he loves about being self employed and how he made the transition
  • finding your passion in business and the journey
  • the single most important part of the tender process (this was a music to my ears!)
  • how to work out whether you should even take part in a tender process
  • The main reason bids are won or lost


Quote: 'Work is love made visible'  Kahlil Gibran

Winner Takes All: Seven-and-a-half principles for winning more bids, tenders and proposals by Scott Keyser

Rhetorica - for anyone wanting to improve their persuasive writing (out early Autumn 2016)

Scott's blog: "The 3 Word War - the war for trust" 

If you'd like to grab 15 minutes with Scott to see how he could help your business, click here to book a slot

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Thanks again to Scott for giving us his time to be interviewed.