Our guest this month is Sarah Pierman. Sarah is a non-executive director and CEO of Dynamic Boards. Sarah began her journey in the non-executive director world at 29 and noticed the challenges to get access to board vacancies. With Dynamic Boards, Sarah now helps connect people to board opportunities.  

What you will learn:

* The importance of all types of diversity on a board

* The responsibilities of a non-executive director

* What it takes to become a non-executive director

* Sarah's essential interview tips


"Something that you might massively take for granted is the way you learned how to work, the way you've learned how to position what your business does to your customers - and that could be hugely valuable to a board"

- Sarah Pierman


What is a non-executive director?

Jargon Busting 

Non-executive director pay 

What to write in your CV / cover letter

Rebels by Matthew Syed

Boards by Patrick Dunne

Questions to Ask by Charlotte Valeur
Any questions? Email sarah [@] dynamicboards.co.uk
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