Our guest this month is Francesca Lahuguera. Francesca is an Engagement Manager at Lancor, which is a global retained search firm. She's been in the search field for more than 20 years and currently specializes in board-level search mandates, including CEOs, CFOs, board directors and private equity operating partners.

In this episode, we really dive into how the search world operates and how we can best operates and how we can best position ourselves.

You will learn:

*How to work with recruiters

*How to stand out as a recent MBA

*How to be proactive about your career

*Cover Letter dos and don'ts


"Recent MBAs, for sure should be thinking about the quality of the company, the quality of the culture, the quality of the people. For a recent MBA that is going to be so indredibly critical to them."

- Francesca Lahiguera

Read our write up of the interview and main points here.