Our guest this month is Frederic Kalinke. Frederic runs Exactimo, a company that delivers digital boot camps to business school students across the world.

Previously, Frederic worked at Google on their marketing and sales graduate program, where he managed millions in advertising budgets.

You will learn:

* Google's application process

* Google's 4 pillars for every job candidate

* The skills that make you stand out at Google

* How to get an internal at Google

* How to create 'reviews' and not resumes


"Applying to Google directly is like going through the front door and there might be loads of those bouncers, whereas getting a referral is like going through the side door." - Frederic Kalinke

If you would like our write up of the interview and the main points please download our short guide, The Ultimate Guide to Get Hired by Google and Big Tech.


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