Our guest this month is Janie van Hool. Van Hool is a RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art) trained actress and corporate communications specialist. She's worked with many different companies (Vodafone, Nationwide, Sainsburys, London Business School, Imperial College) and leaders to improve their communication skills. She's also the author of the new book, The Listening Shift: Transform your organization by listening to your people and helping your people listen to you.

Her book is a constructive toolkit for raising the game in communication, providing the tools you need to create a listening environment where colleagues are heard and acknowledged, and yet understand clearly how to move forward.

What you will learn in this interview:
- How preparing like a performer will improve your interviews
- A breathing technique to prime you for an interview
- How to use silence to your advantage
- The best ways to interrupt someone
- How to be listened to at a meeting

"I think listening carefully is the thing that gets hijacked when we are under interview pressure.” - Janie van Hool

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