Climate change is something that has become critical in our society. Temperatures are rising to such a degree that the world will become increasingly inhospitable for humans. These temperatures have already risen by one degree Celsius since pre-industrial levels, and this will only get worse in the future. As a result, there is more chance of increased wildfire, devastating storms, droughts, and rising sea levels. Therefore, we need a change.

Bill Gates’ book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” demonstrates that we should be aiming to reach net zero emissions as fast as possible, with a goal of hitting this by at least 2050.

The problems that we face mean that we need to act to change the large amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Although we have some of the tools that can be used to reduce these emissions, we do not have enough resources to currently reach the target of net zero emissions.

This means that innovation is required to respond to the problem that is posed. People need to start trying to find clean alternatives to the damaging materials that are currently used, without compromising the price. These low-cost clean energy resources can only be found by investing in R&D that will provide long term solutions to save the planet. Entrepreneurs can use this opportunity to tackle a new and emerging market that can help save our world from unsustainable temperature changes

New research groups provide opportunities for work. These skills are not contained to specialists in Sustainable Development or Geography degrees. Indeed, the opportunities within environmentally concerned businesses plans are limitless. It will require a variety of subjects that will be needed to work together to tackle environmental resolutions: these being in biology, chemistry, economics, engineering, political science etc.

Much like individuals, no single government or business may be able to tackle climate change alone. Instead of understanding this in terms of a job, this should be understood more as an opportunity. This is an opportunity for work towards a moral duty, to connect the world in a collective struggle for survival.

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