After a degree at Cambridge, Josephine trained as a lawyer before a switch to accountancy. A move out of the city coincided with a desire to become more embedded within the commercial world from a strategic point of view. A new step allowing Josephine to be at the forefront of the client relationship. As she developed her career, she found a growing interest in the environment. This new sense of purpose enabled Josephine to incorporate her existing skills and background within a field of ESG - Environmental, Science and corporate Governance.

Spotting a gap in the market for tax services directed at renewable energy companies, Josephine put forward a business case to further develop this practice. Josephine successfully established this platform and led on a global partner team on the guild of a global renewables plan.

At this point, Josephine decided that the time was right to spread her wings beyond tax advisory and she has spent the last 6 months developing her knowledge. This has included the CFA ESG investing exams and a sustainable finance course at Cambridge University of Sustainable Leadership; this has set her up for some exciting plans for the future.

She plans to use her background and knowledge to take a strategic role to help organizations adapt and thrive as they implement a developing ESG agenda. We discussed how this has both spotlighted the role of companies in environmental affairs and has become an issue that promotes employee engagement. I was able to share my interview with entrepreneur Hermione Taylor from Do Nation, to show that employees are attempting to change their behaviour

We finished by discussing the various actions we could take to affect change as consumers. I was particularly keen on using a local organic farm to get my groceries and therefore support them in their environmental work in the face of competing supermarkets. Others may wish to delve more into the environmental objectives of a company before they apply to work.

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