This month I discuss sustainable seaweed farming with Director of SeaGrown, Wave Crookes.

Former navy man and fisherman, Wave and his marine-scientist partner Laura were working on a ship Antarctica, when they came up with their seaweed farming business, as a way of allowing them to work in marine biology but not in Antarctica! 

When Wave originally applied to join the Royal Navy, he was told to finish his studies before re-applying, which he did, and doesn’t regret it at all. After working in the oil and gas industry, Wave wanted to focus his company on “giving something back”. Now SeaGrown is one of only a small number of larger-scale seaweed farms in the UK.

It's a long-term business with heavy infrastructure investment but seaweed has many varied uses such as packaging and clothes -  helping us move to a more sustainable world.       

To buy the seaweed products already produced by Seagrown - such as the seasoning for cooking and bath salts, please go to the website SeaGrown

I found out about Seagrown from the excellent magazine Positive News

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