Hanna has made her career in marketing, which provides her full-time employment, but when her job gave her a little headspace in March 2018, she made use of that time by starting Acala, a zero-waste, plastic-free health and beauty online shop.

Hanna used her digital marketing experience to promote the business, which her employer was happy for her to do (although not on company time!), and within the first 18 months the site turned over around a quarter of a million pounds.

Hanna and Jame also discuss the perils of drop shipping, managing social media, and working with influencers. A perfect example of setting up a side hustle as discussed in this episode with Bec Evans, author of 'How to Have a Happy Side Hustle'.

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Hanna Pumfrey

Founder of the waste-free health and beauty store Acala and European Social Media Lead at Accenture.