John Fitzgerald is Managing Director of Harmonics Ireland’s leading career consulting firm. He has coached hundreds of blue-chip Senior Executives over the past two decades to rethink their career strategy. John currently serves on the board of OI Global Partners, a global career consulting practice with 225 office in 28 countries worldwide.  John is the author of ‘Future Proof Your Career’ described by many reviewers as a “wake up call”. He is the creator of the Future Career Readiness Index and recently published the Future Workforce Readiness Research Report 2019. 

Future Proof Your Career Podcast 

So, what has happened since we did the podcast? 

The global spread of the Covid19 virus is not just infecting people it is spreading fear like a wildfire. We have the IMF say this week that we are not just entering a recession but a global depression the like of which we haven’t seen since 1929. A once in a century event!

How does all of this impact your future career?

In the podcast John refers to the ‘My Career, My Business Model’ as core to future proofing your career. He makes the point that we need to operate our careers just like we run a successful business with three core functions R&D, Ops and S&M. This model has come of age at this time of Covid19. When the podcast was made John mentioned that everyone he met were in the busy box, in operations mode, heads down working hard on their job but not thinking about how they were future proofing their career. Busy keeps us reactive. But in this time, we need to be proactive. John’s motto has always been “disrupt yourself before you are disrupted”. Well we have all now been radically disrupted before like never before.  

John’s purpose is to help people and organisations future proof when every line of work is changing. “It was my purpose before Covid, and it is still my purpose. I feel more aligned to my purpose now more than ever. You find your purpose by deeply connecting to your work from the ‘inside out’, no matter your job title”. 

My Career, My Business model 

  • R&D - Are you willing to think differently and be different? 
  • S&M - Who is your customer and how can you help them now? 
  • Ops - What is my purpose and how will it serve me well at this time? 

John's book

Future Proof Your Career, from the inside out, by John Fitzgerald

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We hope you enjoy this podcast and it helps steer you in the right direction in these difficult times. 

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