Normally I interview authors of new career books, social entrepreneurs and career changers on my podcast but this month it didn't seem right to carry on as normal. This podcast is based on a blog I wrote for my MBA students at Leeds University as I was worried about how they were coping being away from home and loved ones.

For the large majority of us what is happening is unsettling, scary and deeply sad – never mind the threat of getting sick. But remember you are not alone, we are all in this together. Everyone deals with stress in a different way and as I am learning it is about finding what works for you. For some it's exercising, some it is reading a good book and for some it's talking to friends and sharing a laugh.

This month’s podcast I discuss how to keep your stress levels down and keep mentally healthy in these uncertain times. I share the traffic light system my son came up with and my own personal tips (plus some from colleagues and clients)  on how to manage stress in this difficult time.

If you prefer to read rather than listen. All my top tips are featured in my latest blog post


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Resources mentioned in the podcast

My best Career Books

1.The 2 Hour Job Search by Steve Dalton

2.The Personal Boardroom by Dr Zella King and Amanda Scott

Here is the interview I did with Zella about the main concepts in the book

3.Give and Take by Adam Grant - read my summary of the key points


Find things that make you laugh! 

Grace and Frankie on Netflix (my stepfather won't like it!)

The Windsors on Netflix (my mother won't like it!)


High Energy Daily Work out Jo Wicks


Relaxing - Yoga with Adrienne

Holistic Coaching and Wellbeing - Follow and contact her on @Jomac43

Find a good book 

Wolf Hall - Hilary Mantel

The Tent, the Bucket and Me by Emma Kennedy

For more advice and career stories listen here on iTunes 

A massive thank you to the NHS, emergency services, delivery drivers, supermarket workers and everyone who is doing their bit - such as staying at home.