This podcast could not be more topical after the recent news banning petrol, diesel or hybrid cars from the UK by 2035.

Do you have an interest in the Environment? How can you make Renewable Energy more efficient?

Turn your passion into a career.

Mike Kaye is the Managing Director of Energy Oasis, he specialises in intelligent zero carbon solutions for businesses, third sectors and local governments.  He helps them reduce their carbon footprint and thus create sustainable power on their sites with the goal of turning them into an energy oasis and become self-sustaining.

Mike has lots of great advice if you want to change career and get involved in Renewable Energy.

Mike grew dissatisfied working in Finance.  He loves the great outdoors and this led him to work in the Renewable Energy Sector.  Are you interested in Renewable Energy? Would you like your career path to make a difference to the planet? It’s important to understand what industry you would like to work in.

What skills are required?

 Are you good with your hands, like taking things apart and putting them together again? Are you interested in Engineering, Meteorology or Science? Do you want to make your career matter?  Do you want job satisfaction?

How to get into the Renewable Energy Industry?

Mike gives some great advice on which companies to approach and what skills are needed.  His insights into carbon footprint and renewable technology is so informative and well worth a listen.

To hear more details about Mike’s take on how to make renewable energy more efficient and for more advice and career stories listen here on iTunes