If you’re already earning a fabulous living doing something you love, lucky you. But if you’re stuck in a corporate rut with an uncertain future, Steve Kahan, author and serial entrepreneur, has advice you won’t want to miss. In this month's podcast, we're discussing how to launch a stellar career with a tech start-up.

Steve shares more specifics in our interview but here are a few ideas to get started:

Is joining a start-up a good option for you?

Be honest and ask yourself some key questions. Are you an entrepreneurial person who takes responsibility? Are you someone who likes working with a dedicated team? Start-ups need hard-working, persistent people. Do you communicate well? Can you adapt and keep going through a series of ever-changing obstacles?

How to make the move from corporate to start-up?

If you started your career at a big, bureaucratic organisation, how can you move to something nimbler? You don’t have to be an expert but do some research. It shows that you’re genuinely interested in the challenges facing your chosen start-up. Also, think about why you are right for this move. Steve suggests you develop an elevator pitch for yourself. Hone your pitch down to 60 seconds.

How do you choose the right start-up?

Homework is important here too so do your research. Is this start-up filling a real market need? It should be a must-have rather than a nice-to-have. Ask why this particular start-up and why now? Also, look at the competition. Real competition suggests that there’s a genuine market so don’t let potential competitors put you off. Finally, is the start-up well-funded so there’s capital for growth and stability?

Steve is the author of the new book, Be A Startup Superstar, which is loaded with information and case studies, where he generously shares his expertise.

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