Diana Esteban is an entrepreneur who founded Madrid Vegan Travel, a business combining her two passions in life: Travel and veganism.

Her company offers tours around Madrid including Vegan Tapas and Ethical Shopping, as well as plant-based cooking classes. Diana's story is a great example of how following a dream can turn into a career.



Diana has lots of advice if you want to do something similar. Here are a few tips to get started:

Be honest with yourself
Diana realised she felt restless being trapped in an office all day. Are you happy working outside or inside, travelling around, sitting at a computer or working with people? It’s important to consider which work environment suits you best.

Build on your strengths
Listen to your “little voice”. What are you good at? Diana's company uses local guides in its tours around Madrid. Local knowledge and passion for the city make the vegan tours extra special.  Remember, your passion can be your biggest selling point.

Follow your heart
Even if you are afraid to start a new venture, do it anyway.  Look at the reasons you stay in a job. Is it to make someone else happy? Is it money? Could you get by with less but be happier in your career choice? As Diana puts it, don’t listen to everybody. Instead, listen to yourself about what you feel is important.

To find out more about Vegan travel, go to Diana’s website 

If you’re travelling to Madrid, check out vegan tapas tours, ethical shopping tours and plant-based cooking classes.

For more information, email them at:   [email protected]

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