In this episode I speak with Nicolle Merrill about her new book, Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Career and Beat the Robots. It’s a practical guide to re-shaping your career path, with special attention to the role of artificial intelligence in the workplace and how it’s changing the future of work.

Most people will change careers several times over the course of a working life. Some experts think anywhere between four and twelve times! Here are a few ways you can meet future challenges and make your career change(s) go smoothly:

Traditionally, climbing the career ladder meant achieving a particular degree or qualification and progressing in that field. But Nicolle thinks it’s crucial for people to change this mind-set because the old rules of the working world no longer apply.

Artificial Intelligence
Work is changing and when it comes to AI, the future is already here. It’s time to adapt. Where to start? Know your skills, know your skill-gaps and know what skills employers are going to be looking for.

Power Skills
Think beyond your acquired knowledge. Specifically, Nicolle stresses developing “power skills” which will help in your career transition. These include creativity, collaboration, project management, data management and systems thinking, to name a few. The careers of the future are increasingly about working across areas and combining skills to form new jobs.

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