Welcome to our 100th podcast and thank you for listening.  We’re at over 40,000 downloads so far and we've got even more great interviews coming up.  Keep tuning in so you don't miss any of them. 

I’ve been inspired over the years by the people I've interviewed in this series and wanted to catch up with where they are today.  Here are a few success stories to inspire you:

The headmaster, Stephen Prior who set up Forest Carbon www.thecareerfarm.com/pod99

Kate Andrews co-founder of loco2 https://thecareerfarm.com/mde2/  who sold to SNCF

Liam Black - https://thecareerfarm.com/mde18/ former Managing Director of Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant and spoke at  IESE  'Doing Well, Doing Good' Conference

Mark Williams whose interview covered how to use LinkedIn effectively to job hunt and some top tips on new LinkedIn features https://thecareerfarm.com/pod89/

Guy Jeremiah  who talked about how he used crowdfunding to fund a new product https://thecareerfarm.com/pod58/

One of the most difficult situations I’ve encountered in my business is people who want to change careers.  It’s not easy but, as you can see from the above links, it can be the best thing you ever do.  Where to begin?

Here are some of my tips for changing careers successfully:

First, take the time to consider some important questions, for example, your life situation, family commitments, etc.  Be certain about what your strengths are, what you like and don’t like and what kind of environment you work best in.  In conclusion, know yourself.

Second, it’s very important to test your ideas or product before you go all-in with a business.  Try to speak to someone who’s done what you’d like to do or test your product with the market to see what kind of interest there is for it.  Think about volunteering as an option to get the experience you need.  See related info in my interview with Bec Evans


Third, and perhaps most important, give yourself time to make a career change.  If you plan your transition, you’ll avoid doing anything drastic.  Some people wait until their current job feels unbearable then leave without preparing.  Instead, manage the process and take the time you need to end up where you want to be. 

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