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We help the UK and Europe’s top business schools deliver engaging career coaching to Master’s students, MBAs, executive MBAs and alumni through our trusted online course, Career Maximiser.

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20,000+ students so far

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Trusted by INSEAD, HEC, Judge (Cambridge) and more

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Personal, values-led approach

Providing valuable careers training to your community of students and alumni can be complex.

Your careers team might be responsible for hundreds of individuals.

It just might not be possible to give everyone the time and attention they need.

Especially if your community is global and you’re navigating time zones too.

But you need to be able to support your students to achieve their career aims and, ultimately, improve your school’s ranking.

That’s where Career Maximiser comes in.

Meet Career Maximiser

Career Maximiser is our flagship online course.

It guides users step by step through the foundational work they need to do to take charge of their career, from working out what they want to building a career strategy to get them there.

As they work through it, they’ll gain clarity and gather the evidence they need to show aligned employers that they’re the person they’re looking for.

It can be used on a standalone basis or integrated with your LMS, and we offer different versions for Masters and MBA students and alumni.

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Fully online

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3 hours of content

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Can ‘save’ and come back

What’s included

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3 hours of online training, broken up into videos, audio and downloads

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Interactive exercises to work through their own career planning

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Quick support for any questions they have about the course

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A downloadable personalised career strategy built from the work they do in the exercises, which they can put into action immediately and return to again and again

What we cover

Over four modules, we guide students through:

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Doing a self-assessment to get clear on their strengths, values, interests, ideal work environment and management style, and longer-term goals

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Identifying their criteria and creating a framework to evaluate their career options

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Making a target list of aligned companies to approach, and contacting potential employers

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Preparing for interview success, including gathering their evidence, using the STARR method, and understanding common pitfalls to avoid

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How Career Maximiser can help your business school

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Maximise your time with students and alumni because they’ve already done a core level of career thinking

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Easily reach every student and alumnus without the high costs, extra staff requirements or time zone issues

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Better support students and alumni in their career journey and job search

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Boost your student satisfaction rating

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Build a stronger alumni network

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Improve your business school’s ranking!

Fully customisable

We love collaborating with business schools to customise Career Maximiser or build out a wider careers offering as needed.

We’ve done this for top institutions like INSEAD, SKEMA and Emlyon.

We’re experts in careers coaching, mentoring and leadership, so we bring great ideas, years of knowledge, and fresh energy to the table.

Let us know if this is something you’d like to explore!

Jane Barrett founder of The Career Farm and executive search and coaching partner

Hi, I’m Jane Barrett

Executive coach and career coach of 20+ years

I’m a career coach, founder of The Career Farm and author of Taking Charge of Your Career (2017).

For more than 20 years, I’ve helped career changers from all walks of life create their career strategy and take the next step to getting the job they want.

Whether that’s breaking through to the next level, escaping corporate or changing career completely, I’ve seen pretty much everything that works (and a lot that doesn’t).

I’ve distilled all this knowledge into Career Maximiser to help students and alumni take control of where they want to go.

It’s the course I wish I’d had to help me navigate my career!

What our clients are saying:

“Career Farm have provided an online career program which really helps our students work out what they want from their career and what they have to offer. Masters Maximiser provides step-by-step guidance and an extensive approach through its well-designed e-learning modules. This is crucial, as recruiters want to see candidates with this in-depth knowledge about themselves. Student feedback has been excellent, and we see it as an investment in students’ employability.”

Alejandra López Martin

International Talent Development Consultant, Skema Business School

“Recruiters tell us that they want to hire MBAs who are able to articulate what they want and what they have to offer. We have used Career Farm’s online programmes for the last few years with our full-time and exec MBAs to help our students take a more strategic view of their career and stand out in a competitive market.”

Dr Christine Menges

Director Career Center MBA Programs, WHU-OTTO Beisheim School of Management

“Working with Career Farm has allowed our students to get clarity on their careers and gather the evidence they need for interviews. This means they are more convincing, helping them to stand out in a competitive market. All our students complete the Maximiser programme (also available in French). This pre-work means the time students spend with our internal career coaches is much more efficient.”

Caroline Guery

Head of Career Services, Emlyon Business School

“Maximiser is super useful to get in-depth knowledge of what my students really want to do in their career and what they have to offer. For some students it’s the first time they actually think structurally about many elements linked to their careers and career dreams. So it’s a great starting point, making my time in the one-to-ones much more effective. I can then direct them to relevant parts of the programme at various times in the year.”

Anne Riepe

Careers Advisor, Vlerick Business School

What our students are saying:

If I’d not gone on the course with Jane I may not have got my current job. She’s fantastic!”

Rachel Willers

Head of Ecommerce, Nespresso

“I was highly impressed with the results of Career Farm’s online tools – doing the work enabled me to go out and land a role in one of my desired areas within four months. Can’t make this stuff up.”

Lauren Pilgreen

EMBA Bayes Business School (UK), Senior Venture Associate, Sustainable Ventures

“The Maximiser course helped me to define the skills I am good at and enjoy using, my interests and core values. I was then able to understand what kind of career and work environment will be right for me. I highly recommend the Maximiser course to everyone who needs guidance through the career decision-making journey.”

Esma Ziat

Social Entrepreneur

“The online course and the exercises were really helpful to me. They allowed me to better understand my capabilities, values and goals, build a better understanding of where I want to be in 5, 10 and 20 years’ time, and the steps I need to take to make that possible.”

Mireya Garcia

Third Sector Program Management

“The Maximiser course helped me to reflect on what I really wanted from my next career move and my future goals. I watched the interview videos to help me prepare for an intensive assessment day for a job interview and I was successful. I’m looking forward to starting a job that I really want with an organisation which has values that match my own. Thank you.”

Natasha Barbar Evans

Regional Entrepreneur Director

“This platform helped me not only to phrase my ambitions clearly, but also to find how to pursue them in concrete terms. Thank you very much.”

SKEMA student


“Masters Maximiser really helped me identify what I want to do in the future and how I can better present myself in interviews, by identifying my strengths. As a student, it was really helpful for my internship research. I have found an internship that really reflects my aspirations and my life goals.”

Mylan Nguyen

Intern at Fnac Darty, Former SKEMA student

“Loved the video explanations before the exercise. ‘Self-assessment’ and ‘Evaluation options’ modules were incredibly helpful, thank you.”

SKEMA student


Ready to see if Career Maximiser is right for your business school?