We are always striving to improve our service and continually exploring new ways to communicate more efficiently and effectively. Thank you to everyone for your feedback and we have listened (as we always try to do)!


Accessibility improvements have been made to both the Career Farm website and the Maximiser courses in order to achieve better alignment with the WCAG standards, as raised by our clients.

The improvements were mainly aimed at making the sites better for visually impaired users who may be using screen readers. Fixes included adding “alternative” text for images and tweaks to code mark-up and improvements to certain forms in the exercises.


We are happy to discuss how we can customise the programme to your requirements or even white-label it – again please get in touch we love to talk and are very good listeners.


We have been busy.

  • A progress indicator has been added to the home page so students can see how far they have to go to complete the course, this was a CPD requirement and also we thought it would be useful.
  • All Maximiser programmes are now CPD accredited and on completion, users can email us for a CPD certificate
  • A competency-based interview quiz has been added to the interview module, this can be used as pre-work for interview workshops (IESE use it in this way) and for mocks interviews.
  • Visual navigation improvements have been made to bring the programme into line with disability regulations, which come into force in the UK in Sept 2020.
  • The ability to add resources. Such as recommended books, videos, interviews with alumni or Jane's or other podcast episodes.
  • We offer clients who have alumni or current students who meet our criteria for being a guest on our podcast 'Grow your own Career' (43,000 downloads to date) the opportunity to be considered as guests on our podcast. Please get in touch for further information.
  • Scoring, one of our clients has included the programme as mandatory and so it is credit-bearing. We provide a mark (out of 20) for students. Please contact me to discuss.
  • We have added emails throughout the programme that prompt users to complete the next module.
  • We have improved the admin side so you can see how student progress through the programme
  • We offer a complimentary webinar on how to use the programme which is live-streamed into your classroom presented by Jane Barrett.