In this episode of Mission Driven Entrepreneurs I talk to Sam Hardwick who decided to set up a sustainable holiday park called Bivouac in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. To raise the money to do this he lived with his wife and baby in his father in law’s shed. He talks candidly about the challenges of setting up this businesses, his learning points and offers some solid advice for those who are thinking about taking the plunge.

  • Why shed living gave him the springboard to do his own thing
  • How he was creative in getting volunteers to help build the site
  • His 2 tops learning points in setting up the business
  • What he has learnt about forming business partnerships
  • Typical mistakes entrepreneurs make and what to watch out for

Success Quote

"The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it", Psalm 24, The Bible

"If I should see further, it's only because I'm standing on the shoulders of giants." Isaac Newton


Contact Sam via,  twitter: @mindofmantes

Download the transcript :Transcription of interview with Sam Hardwick

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Thanks again to Sam for joining us today on The Mission Driven Entrepreneurs Podcast. Next week I will be talking to Naomi Timperly who went from setting up a baby disco company to being a youth advocate.