Mission Driven Entrepreneurs Episode 52 - Gerry Thompson author of Inspirational Entrepreneurs

Gerry Thompson author of Inspirational EntrepreneursGerry Thompson has sold half a million copies of his 17 books and is the co-author with David Mellor of the new book 'Inspirational Gamechangers: How the best Business Talent Create Astonishingly Successful Companies'. He has interviewed entrepreneurs like Jamie Oliver, Sir Richard Branson, Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream and Arianna Huffington, amongst many others.

He works with technology companies, banks, accountants and a host of other corporates to use comedy in their business, helping them to be memorable and stand out. We will have to get Gerry back on the new Career Farm podcast launching in January to explore using comedy in business, but in this interview we focus on the inspiring entrepreneurs he has interviewed and what he learnt from them - as well as how he got in front of them in the first place!

In my interview with Gerry I cover:

  • How you get to interview famous people like Sir Richard Branson
  • How his co-author complimented his skills in approaching people
  • His journey from being an architect to working with people
  • Why improv is useful for business
  • How he turned a weakness into a strength
  • Common threads that are repeated across the interviews

Gerry's books

'Inspirational Gamechangers: How the best Business Talent Create Astonishingly Successful Companies, by Gerry Thompson and David W. Mellor  www.ftgamechangers.com

'Impro (Performance Books): Improvisation and the Theatre' by Keith Johnstone


'Never waste a good crisis', Winston Churchill

Technology hack

Sticky notes!

Links mentioned in the show



Bill Bailey http://www.billbailey.co.uk



Contact Jerry:

On Twitter @gerrythompson

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Thanks again to Gerry for taking the time to be interviewed.