Mission Driven Entrpreneurs Episode 45 - Julianne Ponan of Creative Nature

Julianne Ponan of Creative NatureWhen she bought a failing business selling a bewildering range product lines from candles to Buddah statues, Julianne Ponan set her boundless energy and can-do mindset to turning it around. She used her experience of suffering from allergies to additives to develop the business into selling super foods in the form of supplements and snack bars.

Julianne was only 22 but knew she had a purpose to try and help with the obesity problem and cater for the 'free from' market which was talking off. This is the story of how how this award winning entrepreneur changed the direction of the company she bought with her life savings.

What you will learn in this interview:

  • What she did when she didn't get investment to scale the business
  • Why she only recruits the 'yes' gene
  • What she did when she was told her forecasts were wrong and, worse, she was a woman!
  • How she got Tescos, Ocado and Holland & Barrett on board
  • Her thoughts on website design and growing a twitter following


"The E-Myth, why most businesses don't work and what to do about it" by Michael Gerber

"Get off your arse" by Brad Burton

Favourite Quote

'Failure doesn't come from falling down it comes from not getting up', Zig Ziglar

Productivity hacks




On Twitter: @creativenature

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Thanks again to Julianne for sharing her story with us.