Mission Driven Entrepreneurs Episode 41 - George Bramble of Beco. MDE 41

When George and his co-founder Toby Massey founded their business the timing wasn't great, it was deep in the recession. So they asked themselves what do people not stop spending money on? The answer they came up with was children and pets, so this was where they decided to focus their business.

Initially self-funded, George kept his job at Bacardi to support them while they set the company up. Although profitable from the end of the first year they knew they needed to scale, so they got a private investor on board who had made his money in clothes retailing and whose advice has been very useful. They used the investment to both launch more products and buy machinery and moulds for their in-house design and manufacture.

The company has now grown to have 2 main areas of business: Beco Pets is present in 43 markets world-wide with 150 lines, and stocked by all the pet retailers in the UK, and their baby part of the business Becobabies is slightly smaller with 30 lines in 20 markets.

What you will learn in this interview:

  • What sacrifices he has had to make along the way, especially in the early days
  •  Why the B2C part of business is crucial, despite being a smaller part of their turnover
  • If he could do it again what he would do differently
  • Why he was more fearful of having a job than setting up a business


'Losing my Virginity' Richard Branson

'Delivering Happiness' Tony Hsieh

Favourite Quote

''Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." Winston Churchill

Productivity hacks

Bespoke CRM system, integrated to stock and sales system. Relies on iPhone and has lists. He always takes copious notes in meetings - like a detective!




On Twitter @BecoPets

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Thanks again to George for sharing his story with us.