Mission Driven Entrepreneurs Episode 38

Based on the premise that the more you know about yourself, the more effective you are, Nina Grunfeld set up 'Life Clubs' with a mission to give you the confidence and courage to live the life you want.

Now before you dismiss this as being a bit 'hippy'! (her word not mine!) Life Clubs Life counts companies like Boston Consulting, Accenture and Google as clients. Their wellbeing webinars and workshops get great feedback for their employees and are clearly finding a niche in a crowded market of training and development.

Helping people solve problems is something Nina has always done and when she read in The Times about how 30 year olds are the most depressed age group in society she decided to do something about it  - creating Life Club groups in a similar format to Weight Watchers. However the growth of the company came from an unexpected invitation at a dinner party to deliver a workshop within a corporate. Now Life Clubs At Work delivers workshops on career development, well-being and a whole range of topics; working at all levels within businesses, from graduates through to the leadership team.

What you'll learn from my interview with Nina:

  • Why one part of her business wasn't a great business model
  • Why starting in one location would have been a better idea
  • Why the price point for workshops was wrong for individuals
  • Virtual clubs - why these didn't quite work out and why


Your Best Year Yet - Jenny Ditzler

What you see is what you get: My autobiography - Alan Sugar

Favourite Quote

"Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best', Henry Van Dyke

Productivity Hack


Not really a Productivity Hack, but quite a neat shortcut if you don't already know it - on your iPhone click the space bar twice to get a full stop.




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Thanks again to Nina for sharing her story with us.