Pioneering Healthy Food on the Go

When virtually all your friends are going to university, it takes a strong willed person to leave school at 18 and jump into starting a business.

As a reasonably frequent traveller myself I know the frustration not being able to find much choice of healthy food at train stations, so the story of how Joe came up with the concept of healthy food on the go and rolled it out really appealed to me.

Joe CarnellNot only has Joe discovered this niche in the food industry but he has also founded the company with youth music broadcaster Jamal Edwards MBE, founder of SB.TV; a perfect fit with ÜGOT's move into being a 'well-being' partner at music festivals across the UK.  Being the son of the founders of Filmore & Union (a healthy food cafe with branches in Yorkshire) has had its advantages without a doubt, but what struck me about Joe was his boundless energy for design, music and particularly healthy eating. Moving at 100 mph, Joe is very driven and he's not afraid to go after what he wants - ÜGOT is definitely one to watch.

What you'll learn from my interview with Joe:

  • How he got a superstar like Jamal Edwards on board
  • How he raised finance for his startup and how long it took to get ready to launch
  • Some of Joe's biggest challenges
  • Why he decided not to go to university and what advice he offers to those about to make that decision
  • How to get away with altering a listed building without consent!

Favourite book

Any Richard Branson books

Favourite quotation

"Work until your idols are your rivals."

" Intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wings." Salvador Dali

Productivity hack

Lists and systems, such as the operating manuals for training staff.



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Thanks again to Joe for sharing his story with us.