In this episode of Mission Driven Entrepreneurs I talk to Dan Brousson who set up Onyabags as a single parent having been widowed with 2 young children. Within 4 years he was turning over £500,000 all from his kitchen table. It wasn't easy, he hit obstacles and challenges as the business grew. In this interview Dan talks candidly about his journey from corporate life to entrepreneur with a social mission, and how his business is doing its bit for the environment.


In this session you’ll find out about: 

  • What Dan learnt from corporate life and how he has applied that to his business
  • The biggest challenges he had to overcome
  • Why he doesn't have an exit strategy 
  • How the business mix of retail to wholesale has changed over the years
  • The toughest business decision he had to make, grow the business or compromise his ethics?
  • How the business is set up so he can work 9 to 4.30

Success Quote

"It's nice to be nice"

Small Business Technology Resources

Dropbox and Skype

Favourite Apps - Paypal, Natwest, Ebay.

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Click below for a full transcript of the interview (PDF):

Final Interview Transcript - Dan Brousson, Onya Bags


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Thanks again to Dan for joining us today on The Mission Driven Entrepreneurs Podcast.

Next time...

I'll be talking to Stephen Prior, the ex-headmaster who co-founded Forest Carbon and is so far responsible for planting 4 million trees (and counting!). Until then, have a great week.