In this episode of Mission Driven Entrepreneurs I interview someone who asked to link to me on linkedin. Now as you know if you have ever been in one of my workshops I don't link to just anyone!  But Rex was clear about why he wanted to link to me and he had an interesting background so I was keen to talk to him to understand his mission in setting up some of the organisations he has been involved with.

Rex set up the African Achievers Awards and is on a mission to celebrate and invest in the potential of Africans to change the future of Africa for the better. When faced with huge problems it's too easy to give up as they seem to be so insurmountable, but here's a bright young lawyer doing his bit to address these issues.

In this session you’ll find out about: 

  • What his mission is and what he is passionate about
  • The journey to setting up an organisation that has had Archbishop Desmond Tutu as a recipient of one of the awards
  • What other organisations he has set up and how he has learnt from these
  • His exciting plans for the next few year and his secret for success

Success Quote

“I am just a member of the team" Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister of the UK

Productivity Tip or Tool

"I try and remain focused and consistent"

Best Business Book

Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert T Kiyosaki

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Thanks again to Rex for joining us today on The Mission Driven Entrepreneurs Podcast.

Next time…I am speaking to Shannon Houde from Walk of Life Consulting. Shannon has a mission to get the right people into the right jobs to change the world one role at a time. She is passionate about developing future leaders in innovation, entrepreneurship and the impact economy and I can't wait to interview her! Until next Friday!