In this episode of Mission Driven Entrepreneurs I interview Viv Oyolu who hosts 'Dream Corner', a radio show that interviews inspiring women. So often the same celebrity names are touted around as 'successful' and while this might meet some people's definition of success, for many it can feel unobtainable. In contrast Viv interviews ordinary women aiming high and going after their dream.

We follow Viv's fascinating journey from a background in marketing to completing a MBA at Durham Business School 19 years ago. Post MBA she moved into strategic marketing and worked for prestigious clients such as Natwest, RBS, Walt Disney and BMW. From here she decided to have a career break and went to New York to volunteer for a charity - a life changing decision which led here to what she is doing now.

In this session you’ll find out about: 

  • The journey to setting a radio show - how she made her 'dream' a reality
  • How her business Audiobyte has developed and what it offers
  • What happened when she hit some bumps in the road and what she learnt
  • How her MBA helped her get where she is today and what it really taught her

Success Quote

Napoleon Hill “Don’t wait, the time will never be just right”

Productivity Tip or Tool


Best Business Book

The E-Myth, Micheal Gerber

The Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell

Other links

Twitter: @Dream_Corner




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Thanks again to Viv for joining us today on The Mission Driven Entrepreneurs Podcast.

Next time...

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