We use our 3-Step GPS process to help your MBA and Exec MBA students prepare better for interviews and get better jobs on graduation.

GPS icon_Get Clear
Get Clear

A structure to help students understand what they want and what they have to offer

  • Manages students’ expectations
  • Saves time for your careers team by ensuring all students have done a “base level” of careers thinking before they access face-to-face services
  • Gets maximum value for your careers budget
GPS icon_Prepare

Training to make better applications and stand out at interview

  • Helps students get more interviews with the right types of employer
  • Enables students to perform better in those interviews
  • Provides access to training exactly when students need it
GPS icon_Succeed

Secure job offers by making the right connections with hiring managers

  • Students create relationships with the right employers instead of relying on the careers team
  • Protects valuable relationships with employers and alumni
  • Students focused on their chosen careers


  • Provides cost effective support for large numbers of students
  • Better career progression for students on graduation
  • Increased probability of students achieving their aims
  • Higher student satisfaction with Career Services
  • Enhances the reputation and ranking of the business school


All this is delivered to your students through our online MBA Maximiser course, specifically tailored to MBA students.

Typically taking 3 hours to complete (with the option to save progress) this practical course can be done in one sitting or broken up to fit around a busy schedule. Every student gets a personalised downloadable report, providing a framework for further career support and saving huge amounts of time for your careers teams.

Take a look at the video for more details...


We strongly recommend that students complete the Maximiser course as early as possible in the academic year. It could even be provided to students on acceptance of a place at your school; allowing them to start their career planning before the pressures of their MBA studies start to build up.

Integration into your Learning Management System

The MBA Maximiser course can be accessed by students on a stand-alone basis or access can be integrated directly into your Learning Management System, allowing for automatic account creation and no need for students to re-authenticate to access the course.

We can work with your technical team to provide an integrated solution which meets your specific requirements.


The course is sold on a “per seat” basis, with a low initial charge for up to 50 users.

All pricing plans include an option to co-brand the course, and full access to an administrator dashboard to monitor student progress and engagement.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and find out more about the MBA Maximiser course.

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