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The “Maximiser” Online Career Development Courses

Career Farm MBA Maximiser and Masters Maximiser

  • 10-module, fully interactive courses for students to complete in their own time
  • Structured guidance to help your students identify their key skills and values, and other criteria essential to their ideal role
  • Access to the Career Farm “Matrix” tool – enabling consistent evaluation of different careers against criteria
  • Access to our hand-picked, continually updated, range of career research resources
  • All results pulled together into a personalized PDF report for every student

MBA Maximiser and Masters Maximiser are our flagship online career assessment courses that will support your students in identifying their ideal career and build a roadmap to achieving it. With 10 audio modules, supported by fully interactive exercises, the course is designed for students to work through at their own pace.

  • Listen to the audio modules online, or download and listen on the move.
  • Complete the exercises online. Save progress as you go, giving the flexibility to fit everything into a busy schedule.
  • Conduct research, supported by our career resources library.
  • Download results into a PDF report to give each student a personalized career plan.


A recent MBA graduate shares his experience of using MBA Maximiser...

Course Modules

The importance of a career strategy

Module 1 explores the value of having a career strategy, and why this essential if you’re to achieve the level of success you expect following your MBA investment.

Learn what drives you

In Modules 2,3 & 4 you’ll start the process of identifying your key skills, values and interests. Each module is supported by an online exercise that provides step-by-step guidance on how to identify and prioritise this vital information; allowing you to consistently evaluate career options against your unique criteria.

The right environment

Module 5 explores the type of work environment you prefer, and what attributes you need in a manager and colleagues to help you take your career to the next level.

Establishing your long-term goal

In Module 6, you’ll work on visualizing and defining your long-term goals, and armed with this information you’ll be able to make important strategic decisions throughout your MBA year.

Evaluating options

When it comes to pursuing your ideal career and long-term goals, there is usually more than one path you can follow. In Module 7 we’ll introduce you to the Career Farm “Matrix”, a tool designed to pull together all of the criteria you’ve identified in earlier modules. The Matrix will give you a powerful structure for evaluating the different career options you may be considering. This is where you will start to define your career strategy and identify the information you’ll need to find out to build your target list of companies.

Research, research, research

Modules 8 & 9 focus on the three different areas of career research, why each one is important, and how each helps you focus down on what you need to find out. The modules also include advice on how to get meetings with contacts for research, a sample script to use, and suggestions on how to use your MBA project or internship in a strategic way to further your career.

Refining your strategy and avoiding common mistakes

Finally in Module 10 you’ll decide which of the four methods of getting interviews is most appropriate to you. You’ll also learn the common mistakes to avoid during the interview process; drawn from our many years of experience working with MBA students and senior management teams.


Career Farm MBA Maximiser Programme


We strongly recommend that students complete the Maximiser course as early as possible in the academic year. It could even be provided to students on acceptance of a place at your school; allowing them to start their career planning before the pressures of their MBA or Masters studies start to build up.

If you offer face-to-face career coaching the Maximiser courses are an excellent way to ensure that students have completed a "base-level" of careers thinking before they access this expensive resource.

Integration into your LMS

The Maximiser courses are usually accessed via a secure area on  our web site. However they can be integrated directly into your Learning Management System, allowing for automatic account creation and no need for users to re-authenticate to access the course. We can work with your technical team to provide an integrated solution which meets your specific requirements.


The Maximiser courses are sold on a "per seat" basis, with a low initial charge for up to 100 users.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and find out more about the Maximiser courses.


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  • Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.41.31 "The audio on MBA Maximiser gets really specific, with very precise advice that I can really put to work immediately. Thank you for producing and sharing it!"  Bozhidar Draganov, MBA student, Emlyon 2014
  • microsoft"This is really important work - both as an HR professional and as a client - I see that. Having passion around your work and getting what you want out of work / life balance is vital." -Sara Graham, HR Manager, Microsoft Corporation.
  • Prudential Logo"I have found Jane to be very client centric with a strong ability to blend concept with pragmatism. I would highly recommend Jane and look forward to working with her in the future" - Ajay Bakshi, Head of Talent, Prudential Plc UK
  • IESE Logo"By taking you through systematically through the whole career change process, the book will not only help you overcome any anxiety you may have in the face of change but provide a solid framework for taking sound career management decisions." - Rosie Innes, Associate Director, MBA Career Services
  • "I am loving your book. As an avid reader of these "types" of books, I can honestly say this is one of the best. Plus, I love the British spin...keeps things interesting for me, an American." - Dylan O'Connor
  • Vlerick Business School"The competency based interview days are a very useful investment for two reasons: 1. Students gain practical experience in interviewing for real jobs. 2. Students receive valuable feedback to help them refine their interviewing skills. The Career Farm trainers are dedicated professionals who are fantastic to work with from both a participant and organiser point of view." - Yolanda Habets, MBA Programme Manager
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