My son has devised a traffic light system in our house to see where our stress levels are.  At lunchtime we all check what light we are on.




And I was stuck on red all last week! However this weekend, I got to amber and then on Sunday I was getting to green.   



Many of us will be feeling stressed right now….for many different reasons. Here are some ideas from friends, some may work for you. I am trying them out and so far I think they are helping, as I am still on amber/green.  This means I can help my clients, students, family and friends without burning out.



  1. Reduce the news…. I am only checking once a day when the Prime Minister does his live broadcast, this has helped me from feeling overwhelmed with concern for everyone. 
  2. Have a list of people you want to check in with, check in with them and then get on with your day. 
  3. Go through your cupboards to see what you already have, so you don’t put additional strain on the supply chain. We have run out of rice but it’s about time we tried quinoa. 
  4. Build a den/nest…I have found a corner in the loft and put a bean bag, a candle, an uplifting book and a blanket. In the morning before the house wakes up I am going to go up there to meditate.
  5. Go into nature if you are able, if you have a garden or balcony – spend some time outside.
  6. Start growing seeds to plant in your outdoor area, seeing things come to life and grow will remind you it’s the start of Spring and new life is all around us and thus creates a feeling of calm. 
  7. Check your phone less, this is a hard one for me but at the moment I am trialling only checking it on the hour. 
  8. Use music – maybe you need a good cry or maybe you want to be uplifted, dance or chill. It helps distract the mind. 
  9. Do some exercise, I am too exhausted with worry to do much so I am doing some gentle yoga – free online yoga is springing up. 
  10. Help where you can. If you are still being paid or have savings consider buying a gift certificate for your hairdresser, they will be inundated when things return to normal and you can redeem them then.  Similarly for cleaners, dog walkers – if you can keep paying them and then you can redeem it later. 
  11. Get into a good book, this again distracts the mind from worrying…I am starting Wolf Hall. 
  12. Try to think of something positive that is happening in the world, the news that Venice’s waterways have never been so clean and the wildlife is returning makes me happy. 
  13. Looking after each other, acts of kindness and compassion are associated with improved happiness and good mental health for both the giver and receiver. 

Post below if you have any strategies for reducing stress.