Executive coaching for companies leading the green transition

Help your people achieve their purpose

Through executive coaching, we help companies with a social purpose empower underperforming or unfulfilled executives to become the creative, impactful leaders they need to further their mission.

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Career coach of 20+ years

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Trusted by INSEAD, IESE, HEC and more

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Personal, values-led approach

You need your senior leaders to show up with purpose, clarity and passion every day.

But sometimes things get off track:

Someone is underperforming and not getting the results you expect, but you value them and don’t want to lose them.

There’s a conflict that’s affecting the vibe and productivity of the workplace.

You think someone is going to leave and don’t know what you can do to keep them.

Someone keeps asking for promotion but they’re not ready – it’s starting to cause friction and you wish you could better support them.

You’ve noticed that some members of your leadership team aren’t progressing in line with others.

We can help

We offer executive coaching to help your leaders overcome their blocks and fulfil their personal and professional potential.

Empowering them to become the creative, impactful leaders you need to further your mission.

Jane Barrett founder of The Career Farm and executive search and coaching partner

Hi, I’m Jane Barrett

Executive coach and career coach of 20+ years

I’ve spent the past 20+ years as a careers coach for the UK and Europe’s top business schools, such as INSEAD, London Business School, Judge (Cambridge) and Saïd (Oxford).

I’ve helped thousands of alumni – including CEOs, COOs, CROs, board members, directors, and founders – grow careers they love.

Now I help companies with a social purpose get the best from their people, whether that’s by helping them work through conflicts, work towards that next promotion, become a more effective leader, or reconnect to their purpose.

I have a team of coaches who have held leadership positions at SMEs and FTSE 100 companies and coached alumni from top business schools, including CEOs, board members and senior managers – and I choose the best coaches to work with your leaders.

The result? Happier people and better results – without the extra cost and time of hiring afresh.

What our clients are saying:

“I’ve benefited from working with Jane and The Career Farm for more than 10 years, seeking support from her in several organisations I have worked with. Jane and colleagues have supported our staff, managers and senior leaders through a variety of circumstances; organisational change, career development and performance management. I have always found Jane to be fully professional, able to constructively challenge thinking and propose solutions that work. I have no hesitation in recommending The Career Farm.”

Jane Ginniver

Assistant Director of Organisational Effectiveness at Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

I found the programme so valuable at my business school I introduced a customized version within my department. The programme really helped team members to define their career strategy for the future, bringing lots of elements of their career together in a structured way into an individual report. The participants were really positive about the programme and the coaching.”

Elina Kazantseva

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Real results

3 books to inspire your leaders

Jumpstart your coaching programme and get our free guide on the 3 books we recommend to many of our coaching clients.

What’s included:

Our executive coaching programmes are made up of:

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Briefing session to clarify the results you need to see

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20-minute chemistry meeting to check coach/coachee fit

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1 x 1-hour coaching session in person*

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5 x 1-hour coaching sessions via Zoom

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Debriefing session to discuss any next steps

* Depending on where the coach and coachee are based and the coachee’s preference

How it works

Phase 1. Briefing

We get to know what you need! We meet to talk about the executive(s) in question and the results you need to see.

Phase 2. Coach selection & briefing

Based on our conversation, we choose a great-fit coach from our team for your executive(s). They have a 20-minute chemistry meeting, and if it’s a fit then we go ahead with briefing them both. *

This includes:

  • Giving your executive(s) an information pack that outlines what to expect
  • Organising a further briefing meeting between you and the coach, if you’d like
  • Agreeing confidentiality, outcomes and reporting expectations

* We also choose a back-up coach in the rare case it’s not a fit

Phase 3. Coaching, coaching, coaching…

We meet with your executive(s) across six 1-hour sessions to help them overcome their blocks and carve a clear path forward.

Often the first session is in person at your location, followed by five sessions on Zoom.

Phase 4. Feedback & debriefing

We meet with you, ideally face to face, to discuss any helpful findings and feedback from your executive(s), as well as a recommended action plan to support your executive(s) in becoming fulfilled, impactful leaders.

Want all this?

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A culture where your people feel like they’re supported to explore their personal and professional aspirations – whether that’s climbing the ladder or finding more meaning

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Senior leaders who feel aligned and confident in their career direction and deeper purpose, and bring that energy and focus to work every day

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A team that vibes off each other and fuels each other’s creativity and ideas, rather than clashing or not communicating

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A happier, more motivated, more productive senior leadership team that gets results and furthers your mission

Our executive coaches can help you get there!

Save your company the expense and upset of losing a great executive or trying to replace a senior team member.

Most issues can be worked through with coaching to reinvigorate your leadership team with direction and purpose.

Ready to bring out the best in your people?