The challenge

Emlyon Careers Services were frustrated that much of their time was spent in one to one meetings getting students up to the same level of career thinking. Large numbers of students meant there was less time to spend on the high-value career coaching work that could only be delivered in small groups or one to one – such as individual job search strategy, feedback on LinkedIn profiles, mock interviews, critiquing applications, etc.

Our Solution

Emlyon engaged Career Farm to help get everyone to a level where they had thought about what they wanted from their career, knew what they had to offer (key areas being strengths, values, interests) and understood the basics of networking and competency based interviews. We did this by customizing our MBA and Masters Maximiser courses to integrate with the Emlyon career programme. We used a Single Sign On solution so that students could effortlessly complete the Maximiser course from within the Emlyon Learning Management System. In 2018 we also translated the courses into French leading to a 25% increase in usage.

The Result

The Emlyon Careers Team and their external career coaches are now able to use more of their one-to-one time with students to provide high quality, tailored support – improving student outcomes. Over 6,000 students have now completed the course with 95% of feedback rating it useful or very useful.

What our clients are saying...

"Working with Career Farm has allowed our students to get clarity on their career and gather the evidence for interviews. This means they are more convincing, helping them to stand out in a competitive market. All our students complete the Maximiser programme (also available in French). This pre-work means the time students spend with our internal career coaches is much more efficient."

Caroline Guery, Head of Career Services, Emlyon Business School