Dr. Candice Seti joins Jane in a discussion on self-sabotage, whilst taking interactive questions from the audience watching along via video live stream.

Throughout her time working in the field of supporting people with weight loss and weight management, Dr. Seti has come to terms with the important theme of self-sabotage. In her view, this is a crucial part of everyday life; a barrier that is preventing us from achieving our own goals and achievements. She defines this as “standing in your own way”, something that must be conquered to reach our own requirements.

Dr. Seti views self-esteem as intrinsically linked with self-sabotage. Our perception of ourselves can determine our actions in the face of taking a risk, for example asking, “are we good enough to do this?”. She discusses how people should stop highlighting what we do not know. Instead, we must accept the positives on what we still have the ability to learn. Our frame of mind really does seem to impact on our abilities.

Imposter syndrome is cited as another of the many causes of self-sabotage, and how it can be important to understand what we do not know. This allows us to accept who we are, rather than to try and blunder through unfamiliar territory.

Jane and Dr. Seti discuss how we can move forward from our own self sabotage voices: we can give them names, maintain self-care procedures and continue to reflect on our self-worth. They talk about how we can overcome this by preparing ourselves to “combat” sabotage and achieving our goals without restrictions.

Dr. Seti shows how her Workbook is an ideal manner for us to reflect on our actions, by identifying our own areas of self-sabotage we can move forward to tackle each aspect of our existence. A guide that doesn’t leave us vulnerable to a potentially damaging intrusion in our lives.

Interested in Dr. Seti's work? Her book is Self-Sabotage Behaviour Workbook, A Step-by-Step Program to Conquer Negative Thoughts, Boost Confidence and Learn to Believe in Yourself

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