Our ‘How to Excel at Competency Based Interviews’ training course provides Masters students, MBAs, Exec MBAs and Alumni with in-depth video training to prepare them for success at Competency Based Interviews.

The number one reason candidates do not perform to their best ability in interview situations is lack of proper preparation. Candidates called to interview often have the experience and the skills needed for a role, however without proper preparation many do not do themselves justice on the day.

Our Competency Based Interview Training, plus the accompanying Competencies Guide, is the secret weapon your students and alumni require to maximise their chances of success at this type of interview.

There are two versions of the training: one version specifically tailored for Masters students, and one version tailored for more experienced candidates (MBAs, Exec MBAs and Alumni).

Preview the videos

A short extract from one of the training videos:

About the presenter

The course is presented by Elizabeth Bird, who has unparalleled experience as a Masters/MBA recruiter and interviewer.

For over 16 years Elizabeth has successfully coached students at top business schools on how to prepare for competency based interviews, drawing on her own experience as a recruiter in the finance, energy and consulting sectors.

Elizabeth also works with HR departments, designing their recruitment processes and training staff to be effective interviewers. Her unique blend of experience enables her to bring a treasure-trove of “insider knowledge” to the course.

Course Content

Seven stand-alone videos, providing students and alumni with flexibility to access key topics as and when they need them to support their job application activities.

Topics covered include:

  • The criteria interviewers use to assess you
  • Using the STARR method (with an example interview)
  • How an interviewer assesses your answers
  • The biggest mistakes at interview and how to avoid them
  • Preparing for a successful interview

All of the videos are captioned (in English), making it easier for international students to follow along. There are also downloadable summary sheets of the key learning points in each video.

Competencies Guide

In addition to the video training course, students and alumni will have access to our detailed Competencies Guide – a downloadable PDF listing the key competencies required by recruiters, and guidelines on how to structure an answer for each one.

The combination of the Video Training Course and the Competencies Guide will equip Students and Alumni to fully prepare for this type of interview, significantly increasing their chances of success.

Guide Cover - Paperback

Access to the training

Depending on your requirements students can access the training through:

  • one of our Maximiser courses (the training appears as an additional module)
  • by logging in to a secure area on the Career Farm website
  • from within your own Learning Management System (with no requirement for re-authentication if your LMS can support this level of integration).


The course is offered on an Annual Subscription Basis. Pricing is based on the number of students to whom you wish to make the course available.

A significant discount is available if the training is purchased in conjunction with one of our Maximiser courses

For a detailed quote please contact us with your requirements.

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