Case Study

Online career course for SKEMA Business School

The careers team at SKEMA Business School, which is responsible for over 1,500 Masters students over seven campuses worldwide, wanted to ensure their students had done some structured career thinking so students were better prepared for their job search and for interviews. Skema’s careers team engaged The Career Farm to provide a customised version of Masters Maximiser that would not only help get students to a foundational level of career thinking but also score each student on their progress. Students would be required to take a quiz to embed their learning and ensure they were well prepared for their job search and interviews.

How we helped

We integrated a customised version of our Masters Maximiser online course into the Skema employability programme. The course enabled students to work through their core career thinking and prepare for interviews. Career Farm built email reminders throughout the course to encourage students to complete both the course and the quiz. A dedicated admin portal was built, allowing the SKEMA careers team to have real-time reporting. This made it easy for the SKEMA team to report on the students’ scores, which counted as part of their Masters. We used a single sign-on solution so students could easily access the course from within the SKEMA Learning Management System. Every year, we’ve worked with the careers team to improve the course, resulting in an increase in positive feedback from students.

The result

Since starting work with SKEMA Business School in 2019, around 1,500 students register for the course each year, and around 800 leave feedback. 92.45% students report the course being useful or very useful, and last year this increased by 2.6%.

“Career Farm have provided an online career program which really helps our students work out what they want from their career and want they have to offer. Master Maximiser provides step by step guidance and an extensive approach through its well-designed e-learning modules. This is crucial, as recruiters want to see candidates with this in-depth knowledge about themselves. Student feedback has been excellent, and we see it as an investment in students’ employability.’
Alejandra López Martín
International Talent Development Consultant, at Skema Business School

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