Case Study

Executive Coaching

Career management workshop for Amazon’s female leaders

As part of a women’s leadership programme, Amazon wanted to help its female leaders take charge of their internal career management. The client realised that, although they offered career development support in-house, employees would benefit from the opportunity to think strategically about what they wanted from their career within the organisation.

How we helped

The Career Farm structured a workshop and follow-on coaching to help Amazon’s female leaders think about their internal career objectives and management plan.

Access to a customised version of our online course, Career Maximiser

Coaching on skills such as networking and “selling themselves” within the organisation

Support with creating their own internal career management plan

The chance to explore questions such as, “What does success look like for you?”, “What are your values?”, and “Where do you want your career to go?”

A clear and grounded framework to think about their career direction, guided by an expert from outside the “company bubble”

The result

100% of attendees rated the workshop “useful” or “very useful”, saying:

“The session was well structured and created a step-by-step process.”

“Great to meet the people from other offices and feel the support of others.”

“It made me reflect on my career plans and what steps I have to take.”

“Great to reflect on your own behaviour.”

“I found the programme so valuable at my business school that I asked if we could introduce a customized version in my department. The team used the online programme, which really helped them define their career strategy for the future, bringing lots of elements of their career together in a structured way in an individual report. The participants were really positive.”
Elina Kazantseva
Senior Marketing Manager at Amazon UK

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