We are a leading provider of careers services to Business Schools across the UK and Europe, with a reputation for consistently high standards of delivery and student engagement.

Our clients tell us that increasing competition and pressure on resources have led to business schools needing to deliver additional value to their students through their careers teams. This has created a range of challenges for careers services

  • Not enough space in the timetable to deliver an effective programme
  • One to one coaching is prohibitively expensive to deliver to large numbers of students
  • Continued pressure to meet the ever-increasing expectations of students
  • Dealing with students who are ill-prepared for their job search, lack the evidence they need for applications, and don’t stand out at interview
  • Difficult to provide ‘just in time’ training to students when they need it
  • No time to create, and continually improve, online training resources in-house

…which all increase the challenge of supporting students to achieve their aims and, ultimately, of improving the school’s ranking.

Our services are designed to help students get better jobs on graduation; leading to improved ranking data, stronger alumni networks and higher levels of student satisfaction.

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