The challenge

Amazon asked The Career Farm to structure a workshop and follow-on coaching for a women’s leadership programme. The main objective was to help employees develop their careers within the organisation.  The workshop needed to show employees “what’s in it for me?” in terms of how internal career management could help them.

Our Solution

In order to meet these objectives the workshop provided participants with a customised online programme, Careers Maximiser, introducing skills such as networking and selling themselves within the organisation.  There was also a focus on how employees can use the tools provided to execute their own career management plans.  Participants were encouraged to look at the different ways to develop their current career roles, as well as how to explore other potential areas.

The Result

The workshop was a success with the employees who attended, with 37% rating it as useful and 63% rating it very useful.

Feedback from participants

‘Great to reflect on your own behaviour’

‘Great to meet the people from other offices, and feel the support of others’

‘The workshop helped me link to my work path. It also helped me to think about expanding my network’

‘I had to write down some of the things I ‘d like to achieve which is not for something I usually do. Good for me to meet the people in the team.’

‘The speaker teased out some interesting experiences from individuals. A lot of time was given to enabling peer to peer support with some actionable tasks for development’

‘I think the session was well structured and created a step by step process.’

‘Made me reflect on my career plans and what steps I have to take’

The Key Points were

‘Be confident, be present, speak up’

‘Speak up, get support, networking is key’

‘The importance of talking about your career. Don’t hesitate to network and find people

(within the company or external) who will help to achieve your goals’

‘I captured areas to learn about based on how my industry is changing. I learnt how important my strengths and values are.’

‘I liked the further reading for ongoing learning.’

‘It’s important to write your goals down . Develop step by step plan’

‘I learnt methods of building my career and establishing career goals’

What our clients are saying...

"I found the programme so valuable at my business school that I asked if we could introduce a customized version in my department.  The team used the online programme, which really helped them define their career strategy for the future, bringing lots of elements of their career together in a structured way in an individual report. The participants were really positive."

Elina Kazantseva, Amazon UK